badassisascam (badassisascam) wrote in suffolku,

Don't be scammed by these "tutors"

I have joined LJ in hopes of warning the many parents who only seek the best for their child and to help keep the online community from being scammed.

As a former employee of the companies owned by Robb Gott (,, and I have witnessed the most disgusting and unethical practices imaginable for a "legitimate" tutoring company. Hence, why I refuse to work for them.

Mainly targeting K-12 children with his website, Gott has convinced parents that his service should be used because he "Guarantees an A or B or free" and he offers "professional licensed tutors." The truth is, however, there are no background checks.


And the tutors aren't just teaching algebra and English to your kids- they're also teaching "BJ" classes and other oral sex and drug-related lessons.

Gott has been associated with spamming over 17000 UNLV students, vandalizing campuses to advertise, and refusing to pay his employees.

Check out this Live Journal Account to see more of our Journals- including written correspondence where Gott refused to pay his employee, as well as links to articles! Not a company I think children (or college students) should use as a legitimate tutoring service.
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