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Suffolk University

Students + Faculty welcome!

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Welcome to the Suffolk University LiveJournal Community!

I have created this community for students and administration, new and old, of Suffolk University.

This Suffolk community will be a place for questions, comments, news, important dates, happenings, and just general Suffolk University/Boston based conversation.
Some helpful topics might be discussing classes and teachers, forming study groups, dorm chit chat, Boston happenings, peer advice, helping new students, apartment info, and just anything else a typical student in Boston would want to/need to know.


Suffolk University is located in the heart of Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts. Suffolk's community represents a diverse groups of human beings from all over the globe. The university’s three schools — the College of Arts and Sciences, Sawyer School of Management and the Law School — provide a challenging, yet supportive educational environment for motivated students.

Please visit Suffolk University's website for more information.


More Helpful Links:

The Suffolk University Bookstore - really helpful site in finding books and access to texts

Student Activities Office - keep up with what's going on around campus for the students

SAIL - Suffolk Academic Internet Link - where to get grades, financial aid status, last minute class changes, and transcripts, ALL ONLINE!

The Sawyer Library - check book availability, get online documents/articles, and even have access to over hundreds of thousands of reference materials

Suffolk Calendar and Schedules - definitely a helpful thing to have

Undergraduate Admission - go here to get forms, all kinds of information, and registration requisites

The Registrar - click here to check out enrollment verifications, course/grade rosters, and student info updates.

Financial Aid - click here for aid info, eligibility requirements, FAFSA forms, SU forms, and application deadlines

Suffolk University Profile - interesting little tid bits of info about SU


Please post freely and have fun but be aware that slander, prejudice, bias, violence, vulagrity, and explicit language will not be tolerated.

As taken from the Suffolk University's Non-Discrimation Policy: Suffolk University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, Vietnam-era or disabled-veteran status in its employment, admission policies, or in the administration or operation of, or access to its academic and non-adcademic programs and policies. It does not discriminate on the basis of disability in violation of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


Moderator = kimmercake
Thanks for joining the Suffolk University community!
Please email me with any questions or comments.